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Ideas of Yuri Bezmenov

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Yuri Bezmenov was a Russian journalist who used his position to spread misinformation to the people of Russia. He worked for the KGB until he defected to Canada in the 1970's. Once he came to the western world he became notorious for informing the public on how the real war would be fought--not by bullets but by misinformation. He claimed that the downfall of the western world would be through the collapse of society from within.

His notions reflect our current political climate as we are divided by ideas which were most likely magnified by external entities (Russia / China) through the means of social media and more. He stated that the way this collapse would occur is that Russia or any outside enemy of the state will instigate the chaos that already happening within the target society (United States). Some examples of our current division are vaccine mandates--which half of the country is for and the other is against while the external entity is probably adding fuel to the fire from both sides by introducing bots into the social media platforms.

Listen to our episode and please comment on what your thoughts are on this topic. This episode is the beginning of many thought provoking topics. We are still trying to find our voice and with your help we may be successful.

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