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The High Mind's Memoir

I’m writing this from the mountains of New Hampshire stoned. I will not grammarly correct this in any way and just let the flow enter my soul. I’m not from New Hampshire but just visiting this majestic land. I’m whisked away by the dragon within. Breathing fire and Ice I sit here pondering my life. My mind is open but my butthole is closed. Cotton mouth in mouth, need to quench this feeling that I have no words for it, only the cotton mouth it produces. Water is what I crave and if I don’t get it soon I may go crazed. I’m so glad I just took a swig of H2O this cotton mouth is no more. If you are stoned what is reality really is? Are we all stoned by this false reality we call life. Is life really an escape from living? Death will come to us all, so why spend life hating what you do? We only live once—that’s what I believe—so help me get out of this mundane. What if death comes sooner than one thought, then what will you do? I just had an epiphany—just wrote 5 words without looking on the screen. Listen to those thoughts, especially the once that are most alien to you because that’s probably what you need the most.

I think this is what I can do for now, but thanks for listening to my high mind.

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