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Who Is Vladimir Putin?

Vladimir Putin is the Current President—some may say dictator, authoritarian, and/or saver— of Russia. Currently, there is a crisis in the former Eastern Bloc, Ukraine was invaded by Russia on Thursday, February 24, 2022. Why did this happen? Well, first we need to look inside the man behind this all.

Vladimir Putin was born in Leningrad—St. Petersburg currently—in 1952. He received his law degree in 1975, and from there he spent 16 years as an agent of the KGB, which is equivalent to the American CIA. In 1996, he moved to Moscow as Director of the FSB—still KGB but rebranded—and Secretary of Security Council under the Boris Yeltsin administration. He became Prime Minister of Russia in 1999, and four months later President due to Boris Yeltsin’s resignation. Then, shortly after, he was elected as the official president of the United states. He served two consecutive terms of four years each—under the Russian constitution—then again he became prime minister of Russia under President Dimitry Medvedev—some say he was the puppet of Putin—then again after Medvedev, Putin became president for two more consecutive terms. While he was in office from 2012 to present he signed a referendum into law that allows him to be president for two more terms which would take him into 2036, which would make him 84.

While he was in office he grew the economy substantially, reduced the poverty of the country, and increased wages. This is probably why he was reelected so many times—and corruption of elections, probably.

He’s a family man with three daughters, however, the third daughter was born post his second divorce, so she’s allegedly his daughter—23 and me perhaps?

So now, let's go back to the question, Why did this happen? From what I can tell that this man is driven by any means necessary. Many people like to achieve greater things and never be content with the present achievements. In Putin’s case he’s already the President of Russia, so what’s next? The expansion of his empire seems like the next logical step in his unchecked position. As kings who were mostly undisputed by anyone within the kingdom, their whole mission in life was to expand their kingdoms. Putin sees himself as king of Russia and he will try to expand his kingdom. Who will stop him? Nobody from within his administration, I don’t think, but maybe outside countries who are the enemies of his, currently. I don’t think that he would stop with Ukraine if his invasion is successful but continue to expand as his predecessors—kings and dictators—have.

What makes me nervous is that he seems like he’s a very good strategist, so the sanctions that we put on him—the US and its allies—he definitely is ready for them, as this has been the regular non-combative punitive action taken before regularly. The question is: What is his strategy? Maybe, all the Russian/Chinese previous computer hackings have been practice for what’s to come. Maybe he finally figured out how to hack our power grid, and that can be worse than the nuclear option in some cases. Maybe there’s a whole different plan. I just hope that whatever his plan is, we have a better one. I hope we’re the better chess players in this very dangerous game.

Here are attributions of a Psychopath:

  • Pathological Lying

  • Lack of Morality

  • Lack of Empathy

  • Narcissism

  • Superiority Complex

  • Psychological Bullying

  • Lack of Remorse

Does this sound like the characteristics of Vladimir Putin? These are the same characteristics of a Murder, but it also seems to be the characteristics of a politician, however, I don’t think Putin hides these traits very well as most politicians do.

This is a dangerous world with dangerous people running it. All we can do is embrace ourselves and hope for the best!

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