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Is the Government ​​Nefarious?

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Throughout history governments have been conducting research on soldiers and their own citizens. Just in the United States the government has conducted numerous experiments on their own people. In 1932, the United States infected 600 African American citizens with syphilis without their consent. They were told that they were being treated for, “Bad Blood.” The Tuskegee syphilis experiment is one example of why we currently have regulatory entities that ensure that science is being conducted properly. The Nuremberg Nazi trials--where Nazi doctors were on trial for the atrocities they committed during WWII-- resulted in the creation of the Nuremberg Code which dictates that any individual participating in research needs to be informed of that and sign the appropriate consent forms associated with the research. It took evil doing in order to create laws to protect the people from it ever happening again. However, does the government really abide by these laws or is it just something on the surface to ensure their citizens that they’re protected? This brings us to MK-Ultra, CIA’s LSD experiments.

The CIA sponsored research MK-Ultra which lasted from 1953-1973, well after the Nuremberg trials. The agency conducted hundreds of these LSD experiments and sometimes their subjects were oblivious that they were in these experiments. These experiments were intended to see if mind control and behavior manipulation would be possible, which was a response to rumors that the Soviet Union (Russia), China, and Korea were using mind control. There were over 150 of these sorts of experiments conducted across the United States and Canada in Universities, Hospitals, and Prisons. It’s rumored that Charles Manson was part of these experiments which may have indirectly caused him to be able to brainwash his followers into killing his victims using similar techniques. Operation Midnight Climax (part of MK-Ultra) employed prostitutes to lure unsuspected men into a CIA safe house where they were drugged with LSD and were recorded to see how LSD effected them. This was one of many other experiments that the government has conducted since the implementation of human subject safeguards.

I wonder what they are up to now? Did they kill JFK? Was Lee Harvey Oswald part of the initial MK- Ultra Experiments? We will never know what Oswald had to say since a nightclub owner, Jack Ruby assassinated him very conveniently for the government. We know that J. Edgar Hoover--the Director of the FBI from 1924-1972--had some shit on everyone including presidents due to his ability to be able to put listening devices everywhere. Who knows what he had on JFK and was it something that needed to go away for the government?

Governments around the world are doing shady shit all the time. The question is--is it something that needs to be done in order to protect us from the wolves? Are we sheep and the government is the sheepdog protecting us from the big bad wolves that don’t follow the rules? What would happen if we give boundless power to the government? Will we be protected?

Give us a comment or two addressing some of these questions? Are all governments bad? Or is this a needed evil? Keep listening to us on such subjects as above and enjoy Episode 7.

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